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The Care Plan believes in the initiative, talents and future of our contributors. We foster a culture of appreciation, individual leadership, and entrepreneurship.  This culture of appreciation is extended to our clients and community partners

The Leadership Institute

Becoming the leaders we need

Feeling in need of inspiration, thought partnership, and practical solutions? As a leader, you are faced daily with unique challenges and a changing workplace ecosystem. You deserve support, guidance, and space to grow into the leader you are meant to be.We warmly invite you to join us for a dynamic 1-day Leadership Institute to hone your skills, learn from values-based leaders, and gain strategies to become a more effective and fulfilled leader.

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Comparing Notes


A peer support resource for LGBTQ+ managers, entrepreneurs, non-profit and business leaders. Join us to gain support and skills! Comparing Notes is our chance to support you achieving your goals successfully - on your terms.

Books & Speaking Engagements

Jacqueline is a sought after speaker and author, having presented at the American Society on Aging National Conference, Creating Change
Conference, the Los Angeles County Older Adult Summit, and University of Chicago among many others. She recently contributed chapters to the Life Care Management Handbook, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Health and Aging, and authored the guide Create Your Care Plan: An LGBT Person’s Guide To Preparing For Medical Procedures.

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"I initially met Jacqueline through a group she facilitates that focuses specifically on supervisors seeking additional support within their role. As a supervisor that was still early in my career, I genuinely valued the empathy, insight and expertise that Jacqueline offered. A few years later I decided to resign from my job to begin my journey as an entrepreneur and starting that journey was absolutely terrifying. Comparing Notes have been one of my strongest resources since starting this journey. Having the ability to connect with other professionals who may be in similar positions, and connecting with those who may have had similar struggles has truly been invaluable. As we continue to exist through a pandemic, finding supportive resources can often be difficult, but I am grateful for this space and how the other individuals in this group show up to support others. The space is filled with positivity, kindness, and authenticity that I deeply appreciate experiencing."


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