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Care navigation that gives you confidence.

We all have a tendency to put others first, but in doing so, we can sometimes neglect our relationship with ourselves. Let us be your advocate and show you a kinder, gentler way to treat the most important person in your life.

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How We Help

We work with anyone over the age of 18 to address health and aging challenges. Our clients have a variety of needs and our job is to provide trusted resources, practical advice, and context for making informed decisions about care.  We can be the boots on the ground to complete tasks and coordinate care, or we can be an advisor that you reach out to as needed.  
The most common situations we find are family members who are seeking guidance on navigating care for a loved one.  A daughter trying to plan for her mom who has Alzheimers and isn’t sure of the difference between Assisted Living, Memory Care and Long Term Skilled Care.  The person whose partner has been hospitalized and is getting discharged, and they want to understand costs of caregiving at home vs. rehabilitation at a facility.  The independent senior who is aging alone and needs to complete advanced directives and plan for their long term care needs. The family that can’t have a conversation without arguing and needs to put differences aside to make critical decisions.

Whatever your situation, we help you to move from a place of uncertainty and fear to feeling knowledgeable and confident about the choices you are making.  We explain the confusing medical lingo, and provide clear pathways to solving challenging problems.  We are creative about your needs and collaborate with you to find the right answers for you and your family. We welcome families of origin and families of choice, people who identify as caregivers and those who are helping out someone they care about. We will meet you where you are at and do our best to make the path ahead easier.

Step 01

Get in Touch

We foster client control and successful navigation of available systems of health and aging. Send us a message or schedule a call today.

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Step 02

Intake Call

When you reach out or call us, we have an Intake Call to clarify your priorities.  It is important to understand the person at the center of care, their goals, resources and most pressing needs. During that conversation if you need our services, we schedule a more comprehensive Peace of Mind Consultation and develop a plan of care.

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step 03

Peace of Mind Consultation

This is an opportunity to have all decision makers at the table to confirm priorities, understand available resources, and make informed choices together. Our Care Navigator facilitates the discussion, shares experiences, and makes practical recommendations for resolving issues.

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step 04

Plan of Care

Following the consultation, a plan of care is drafted and shared with you as your roadmap to the future.

Typically it is clear how we can be of use, and our work is individualized to each client. Some clients we see weekly, and are very active with. These clients may need assistance with appointments, managing caregivers, finding housing, or general coordination. Other clients reach out when they need us, and have consultations only when challenges arise. We know you have many resources and abilities and we want to be helpful as and when it is beneficial.

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We are one of the only Care Navigation companies in the country to offer free & sliding scale services to clients with limited financial resources.

This is part of our core values and commitment to equitable service delivery.  We center the needs of LGBTQ+ communities and have seen how this commitment improves the experience for all our clients.  You are welcome here. Reach out today to find out if we can meet your needs.

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The Care Plan responded to my request to meet immediately.  I was overwhelmed by the shock and the needs my sister had from her sudden illness. Jacqueline Boyd agreed to come by my sister’s house two days later on a Sunday evening.  Her professionalism and easy manor cut through my sister’s defenses that sometimes happen between siblings or family members, getting information that I had not been able to obtain.
In less than an hour I knew I had a team that I could depend on and would allow me to breathe easier.  Suddenly, I felt less fractured and less stressed. The Care Plan staff continues to make themselves available for meetings in person or for quick questions by phone, allowing the family to put more energy into my sister’s recovery."


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