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The Care Plan was born out of a commitment to ethical care. We have diverse professional backgrounds in nursing, social work, occupational therapy and more.  We care deeply about the wellness of our clients and strive to be of comfort to them.

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jackie helping woman and child
coworkers hugging at event
lgbtq+ coworkers being silly at team retreat
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lgbtq+ coworkers being silly on team retreat
two women smiling holding pie
grandmother with transgender grandson smiling
the care plan team photo
lgbtq+ coworkers being silly on team retreat
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The Care Plan was born out of a commitment to ethical care.

As anyone who has tried to coordinate care for a loved one can tell you, health and aging systems often make it difficult to find accurate information and feel confident that you are making the right decisions.

Inspired  by years of personal and professional caregiving, in 2015 Jacqueline Boyd founded The Care Plan. The goal was to provide 1-on-1 services to individuals and families in need of trustworthy  and compassionate care navigation. Jacqueline had gained intimate knowledge of how to best advocate through her experiences as a Certified Nursing Assistant, a social worker, and a home care administrator.  She also had observed that while aging is challenging for most people, historically marginalized communities experienced invisibility and a lack of resources that needed to be addressed.  As a long-time advocate for LGBTQ+ and black and brown communities, Jacqueline knew The Care Plan had to be grounded in intersectionality and inclusivity. Pairing her knowledge of aging with her years of LGBTQ+ activism, Jacqueline created  The Care Plan vision of health and aging on your terms.  

We care deeply about the wellness of our clients & strive to be of comfort to them.

Over time, as clients began to share the difference that having an advocate by their side made, The Care Plan grew. We’ve since built a multi-generational, interdisciplinary team of knowledgeable Care Navigators who strive to ensure quality of life for our clients. We have diverse professional backgrounds in nursing, social work, occupational therapy and more.  We care deeply about the wellness of our clients and strive to be of comfort to them. We work as a team to find tailored solutions for complex situations.  

We've leveraged our culture of care to support our non-profit, corporate, & healthcare clients.

You might be wondering how or why a care navigation company would provide organizational training and facilitation services.  For our team, it has been an organic journey.  Jacqueline started by speaking and educating her fellow social workers and nursing community and soon began having  opportunities to consult on LGBTQ+ and older adult projects and program design.  This area of the business has grown  as we’ve leveraged our culture of care to support our non-profit, corporate, and healthcare clients.

We are deeply grateful to the community that supports our vision and creates opportunities for us to make a difference every day.

Now, The Care Plan continues to provide excellent advising and support to our care navigation clients, while expanding our commitment to equitable care for all on a larger scale through our consulting services. Thank you for spreading the word about The Care Plan, and for collaborating with us to build better care for you, your loved ones, and our shared communities.

Our Values

Our values are the soul of our company.  We embrace them every day in our work with our clients, our support of each other, and our advocacy for our communities.

Clients are the experts of their care & define their own success.

Our job is to provide the advice, tools, and comprehensive plan to foster client control and successful navigation of available systems of health and aging. The Care Plan fosters client decision-making and the ability to successfully advocate for outcomes of their design.

LGBTQ+ resilience & experience

We recognize the homophobia and transphobia that is so often a part of the lived experience LGBTQ+ individuals within healthcare and aging systems.  We value and work toward the creation of more intentional resources for aging and ill people within the LGBTQ+ community. We embrace disability justice and trauma informed care frameworks.

Caring for ourselves

We nourish the soil that nourishes us.  This means we view contributors as internal clients and strive to create a healing, person centered environment with meaningful work.  We believe that our communities bring incredible traditions and strategies of resilience and that their networks and resources should be leveraged for their best good.  We think outside the box and care for ourselves while caring for others.

Success is expansive

We value the lives and care of all individuals and utilize a portion of our revenue to subsidize The Care Plan resources for LGBTQ+ clients.  

Culture of appreciation

The Care Plan believes in the initiative, talents and future of our contributors. We foster a culture of appreciation, individual leadership, and entrepreneurship.  This culture of appreciation is extended to our clients and community partners

Our team

We believe that our communities bring incredible traditions and strategies for resilience, transformation and healing. When we intentionally pool those resources in the pursuit of mutual care, all of our wellness can be attended to.

jacqueline boyd owner of the care plan
Jacqueline Boyd

Jacqueline Boyd brings passion and expertise to the field of aging and LGBTQ+ advocacy.  A dynamic speaker, facilitator and entrepreneur, Jacqueline is the owner of The CarePlan. The Care Plan is the country's first LGBTQ+ centered care management and care development company.  The Care Plan’s innovative model of client-directed care provides advocacy, care navigation and advance planning for successful aging experiences, as well as organizational support for businesses looking to develop a dynamic culture of care for clients and workers alike. As part of The Care Plan’s leadership,Jacqueline has consulted with national and local organizations such as AARP,SAGE, Howard Brown Health Centers, and AIDS Foundation Chicago to enhances services offered to LGBTQ+ older adults.

Victor Motherwell
Training manager

Victor Motherwell is a proud member of The Care Plan team. With over 20 years of experience in training, facilitation, curriculum design and consulting, Victor thrives in a collaborative environment. His expertise is in LGBTQ+ care, Trans and Nonbinary accessibility, and the development of ethical workplace standards. He has been a part of The Care Plan since its inception, first as a member of the community advisory board, then as an operations and facilitation consultant, and now managing the Care Development half of our business.

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zipporah jarmon headshot marketing director of the care plan
Zipporah Jarmon
Marketing director

Zipporah Jarmon is a Black, queer visionary. For the last seven years, she has created media that centers on people's experiences at the intersections of marginalized identities from a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has spoken at Universities and workshops about the importance of intentional diversity, equity, and inclusion in media.

Carter Cavazos

Carter Agapito Cavazos an AfroMexican, queer, transgender activist who is passionate about social justice and queer liberation. Since 2015, Carter has developed an ever-growing toolkit of knowledge gained from his experience in facilitation, organizing, and activism. When training, Carter excels in engaging audiences through nuanced discussions on topics such as racial justice, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, and police/prison abolition. Carter is deeply invested in uplifting and centering marginalized communities and believes that learning & growing together is an essential part of community care.

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"While we all knew her death was imminent, I was in shock by how quickly and painfully my sister slipped away. And to be honest, it's been hard to truly process with the magnitude of this pandemic and how similarly she passed to all those transitioning alone in hospitals now. I have learned so so so much in the process of loving my sister and have finally begun to journal and work through some of the lessons and blessings. Part of that process is being able to see the way my family navigated the challenge before talking to you and then after. The knowledge you gave us helped make a painful, complex and rich experience that much more bearable and meaningful from communicating boundaries and roles, to preparing for the difficult decisions and conversations. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. The work you do is the most important and I am eternally grateful for the lessons I learned. I am grateful to be in community with you. If there is anything I can do to help support you and your work please let me know and I will certainly let people know about The Care Plan."


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"Jacqueline is amazing! She helped my mother during her breast cancer treatment and the multiple complications that arose because of it. She also helped my sister and I when we needed it most, trying to understand the complex Health Care systems and to help us figure out how to get everyday life needs addressed as well! It was hard to understand what was happening at times because so many doctors and nurses were saying different things, or speaking too fast or not being clear. Jacqueline helped us throughout the process by explaining things, researching and advocating for my mom. She made sense out of the chaos - all the while, remaining calm, compassionate and rational (emotions we struggled to possess at times). Jacqueline not only helped with the health care aspects, she helped with real life issues that became too overwhelming for my mother to even think about. We are so appreciative of all that Jacqueline helped us with! I cannot say enough about how much this helped and how much everything she gave of herself means to us. The world needs more people like her!"


quotation marks testimonial
"I feel quite blessed to have Jacqueline Boyd in our lives as my husband and I are managing his metastatic carcinoma.  Jacqueline is compassionate and caring. She brings years of experience and passion forward to help our family navigate health care concerns and explore service options. Jacqueline offers important information and has compiled a care plan for our family which is of critical use and a guiding post. She has suggested ideas that are helpful to bring clarity to a very stressful and complicated time in our lives. Jacqueline's patience and knowledge in priceless.  She is organized and follows up on a timely basis. I recommend her with sincere enthusiasm.  As my family deals with the continued unknowns of having a loved one with cancer, I am consoled to have Jacqueline as part of our family care plan."  


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