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We create a culture of care by centering voices at the margins.

We promote healthy and dignified aging by providing comprehensive care navigation services to individuals and families, with a special focus on LGBTQ+ communities. We also promote wellness at work and inclusive, ethical business practices by offering trauma-informed facilitation, training, and consulting services to our organizational clients.

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Care for you or your loved one


Care for your team or organization

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"In 2016, Jackie Boyd and the Care Plan guided me through the overwhelming yet beautiful experience of top surgery, from the early planning stages all the way through to the very end of my recovery. Six years after working with the Care Plan, I am still reminded of the nurturing, professional and thoughtful support I received. The Care Plan set a precedent for the type of care, advocacy and foundation all of us deserve as we move through any type of health related issue. I cannot imagine what my surgery recovery would've been like without the tender and brilliant guidance of The Care Plan, but even greater than that, it has given me a template for what to expect from other care navigators and to not settle for anything less than what I received through the Care Plan. "


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